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CnW Recovery specialises in high quality, affordable data recovery

 Hard drive data recovery, CD, DVD, erased mini DVD-RW, camera flash memory cards,  Zip and Jaz, Digital photos, Camcorder video disks and memory (inc GoPro), RAID 0, 1 and RAID 5 systems

NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, XFS, Apple HFS+, UDF, ISO9660

PC, Mac, Linux, Reiser FS, XFS and NAS

any of these - erased, formatted, damaged, corrupted or deleted.

Recovery service, or download data recovery software.

We process any  deleted, formatted, corrupted, or partially overwritten CD,  DVD, flash memory chip or hard drive, and will recover data, or undelete files from the disk. A simple UK based service to save valuable data that may otherwise be lost for ever. Why lose your digital photos, videos, databases, accounts or other information.  We can restore lost files from corrupted or damaged media and thus save your work. We offer a totally confidential, quick, low cost and friendly data recovery service. For commercial cases, forensic analysis of the disk can be carried out and details of deleted files can  be reported.

We handle and perform data recovery from all types of hard drive, memory chips, CD and DVD in most popular data and video formats, such as shown below


Picture of CD
  • NTFS
  • FAT12
  • FAT16
  • FAT32
  • HFS+
  • exFAT
  • Unix
  • RAID
  • Camera chips
  • HP Media Vault
  For more details see our CD Data Recovery and services pages. This includes recovery of Quick Erase CD-RW disks and DVD-RW disks

Our fees start from 30 / 40 for a CD or DVD with a No fix, no fee promise, including return postage within UK. Hard drive recovery typically starts at 100, and typical sizes are 100-200. RAID systems cost slightly more.  There is no evaluation charge. For high capacities, we often supply a portable USB drive and return it with the data.  Alternatively, we are happy to write data to customer supplied drives or memory chips. Payment by Lewes Pound accepted

Windows hard drives    (DOS, Win 95, 98, NT4.0, Win 2000, XP, XP-Pro, Vista, Windows 7, ME)

    • Zip drive  (100MB, 250MB, 750MB)
    • Jaz Drive (1GB, 2GB)
    • Hard drive  (spinning but corrupted or with deleted files). Multiple partitions (up to 8 for NTFS) can be handled.
    • Laptop hard drive
    • RAID0, RAID1 RAID5 disks
    • Unix - Reiser FS, EXT2
    • HP Media Vault
    • Linux XFS, including deleted files
    • Floppy disks (FAT12)
    • Iomega Rev Drive (35GB)
    • Flash memory cards : camera memory card, memory stick, compact flash, SD,  xD CE Thumb drive or any USB memory. This includes non responding chips
    • Optical disks 3.5 inch  (640MB, 540MB, 230MB and 128M).
    • AVI files, 3GP, MP4
    • GoPro video camera (Hero, black, Silver etc)
    • Recover deleted and fragmented AVCHD / MTS files
    • Raw file recovery

Types of corruption we typically recover data from

    • Deleted file recovery
    • Formatted disk
    • Reloading operating system
    • Video DVDs corrupted due to header information missing or failed, or quick format
    • Video recovery, MP4, 3GP files, including deleted or unfinalised recordings
    • Deleted video, AVCHD, MTS, AVI, 3GP, MP4 - files can be reconstructed
    • Partition,  boot sector failure, MBR failure, or corruption
    • Power glitch
    • Virus damage
    • Operator error
    • Sector failure, or disk failing
    • Scratches on DVD, CD
    • Removing  USB drives before writing has completed
    • Partially written CDs
    • Lost files - for any reason
    • Failure with re-partitioning
    • Camera memory corruption, or accidental deletion
    • Fragmented jpegs
    • Overwritten sessions on a CD
    • Quick erased CD-RW
    • Quick erased DVD-RW and DVD+RW, DVD-RAM
    • Formatted mini DVD-RW
    • And many other reasons!

Forensic log reports available on request for all disk recovery jobs including MD5 hash values, dates and signature testing for all files.

Impossible jobs

    Because CnW develops it’s own software, jobs that may appear to be impossible can be attempted.  Often this means that data that could have been lost can be recovered.  Some recent jobs include recovery of very corrupted video files that very few companies could ever manage.

What next?

     If you have a hard drive,  CD, DVD,  memory chip etc that can not be read then please get in touch - either by e-mail, or by phone. We will want rough details of the problem and then will be able to give a guide price. After receiving the media we will be able to confirm if the job is possible, and roughly how much data can be extracted. The data is output onto DVDs, or for large volumes, onto new portable hard drives. We will never exceed the guide price without consultation first.

    If you live in Lewes, Brighton, Hove, Seaford, Newhaven, Ringmer, Haywards Heath, Eastbourne, Heathfield, Uckfield, or much of Sussex, you can always deliver the media by hand - but please phone or e-mail first first.

For more details, see Services or Technical notes.  If this does not appear to answer your question, just send us an email at

Do it yourself

    For experienced users who want to recover the data themselves, CnW Recovery has powerful software data recovery package. The free demo download will allow users to view all files that could be recovered from a hard drive, CD, memory chip etc..  It is then possible to purchase a full license, or a low cost 30 day licence to restore all files.

    For GoPro cameras, try our world leading recovery program

Ultimately, our services should not be required, and it may be worth reading the page on prevention.

For more details contact us at  or follow our blog for news and ideas.  90% of our phone calls were junk calls, so please e-mail

We find and recover your lost data

Last updated January 2018

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CnW Recovery Lewes, East Sussex, UK

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