3GP and MP4

Recovery of corrupted, deleted 3GP and MP4 files

Mobile phones, cell phones and other devices record video as MP4.  Various things can happen to these files to corrupt them.  One problem can be that the file is never completed or finalised. There are many variations of these files that fall into the QuickTime format

CnW have developed routines to recover these files.  It is sometimes necessary to have a small sample file that is complete, but after that CnW can create a complete working video based on the available data.  There are a significant number of variations in video standards, so sometimes a new variation in encountered which may require extra development.  CnW does not charge for this development, but it make take a few weeks to complete

Examples of times that video needs to be recovered

  • Video deleted.  When a video is deleted, some recovery programs will just scan the memory for the start of a video and assume it will be sequential.  Often this will work, but not always.  Video can be stored on cameras in many different ways and it is common for the logical order to be different to the physical order.  CnW will be able to establish the correct order and recover playable video
  • Memory chip corrupted.  It is a common problem for a memory chip to be corrupted when it is moved between camera and maybe PC.  This can lead to the same problems as for deleted files above
  • Not finalized. This can happen if the device is switched off, or maybe dropped, or the battery removed before the video has been completed.  Without the final meta data being added, the file cannot be viewed.  Recover of these files can be very complex and hence the requirement for a short working video from the same camera to be supplied

The aim for CnW is to produce a new video file that will both be viewable and have sound.

Another time this type of service is required is for videos that have been deleted.  These often result in fragmented files and CnW can normally reconstruct the fragments as long as nothing else has been written to the memory chip since deletion took place.

Some of the cameras supported - the actual list is much longer as many cameras fit one of the patterns below.  As CnW develop the software, new cameras can always be added when encountered

  • Canon EOS/Rebel range, eg 60D, 700D
  • Fuji Film FinePix XP50
  • GoPro video camera (hero, black, silver) - see new program GoPro Recovery
  • Kodak Zx1 Pocket Video Camera
  • Nikon D5100
  • Samsung HMX-200
  • Samsung HMX-H300
  • *** Plus many more

Other video formats

    AVCHD CnW has similar skills for AVCHD videos that have been deleted or corrupted.  For AVCHD the end result will be the correct number of video files, and not hundreds or thousands as many other companies may provide.

    AVI.  AVI videos can be recovered by CnW when either fragmented, or not finalised.  CnW can finalise the file by ceating the final index on the video - even when areas of data may be missing due to overwriting.

Any queries, just contact CnW Recovery - the price is very reasonable - starting at 40, no fix, no fee.


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