CD Data Recovery

CD ROMs in many formats have been used for many years for low cost data storage.  Original estimates of their life span was often in the region of 100 years, but unfortunately they are possible to damage or corrupt.

For a recordable CD, leaving it on a window sill in bright sun shine can cause unrecoverable damage, but also a slight scratch can stop a PC reading the disk. Fortunately though, in most cases it is possible for CnW to recover a large amount of data from an unreadable disk.  This has a fixed fee of 30, and no charge if we can not extract the required data. Contact us for more details, or just post us the disk for evaluation

Other common problems with CDs are that extra sessions may be added, and original data apparently lost.  CnW can recover all sessions on a write on CD. There are also often problems when disk writing has not been completed, or closed correctly.  These disks will appear as blank to a computer, but fortunately, recovery of files is normally possible.

On RW CDs, often using UDF format, it is quite possible for the disk to become logically corrupted.  Fortunately, CnW have developed routines to extract files that the standard operating system can no longer see or read.

The majority of files from RW disks that have ‘Quick formatted’ are recoverable, ie these are ones using packet writing.   Quick Erase CD-RWs can be slightly harder, but normally possible see Erased CD-RW for more details.

In summary, for 30 in UK, CnW Recovery can recover files from

  • ISO9660 disks
  • UDF disks
  • Joliet disks
  • CD-R, CD-RW
  • Quick formatted
  • Disks that have been appended too, without keeping older session
  • Physically damaged - but this may result in permanent loss of data


CnW Recovery  Lewes  East Sussex  UK

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