Lost Video disks

Video recovery service for 40

Holiday videos, MPEG files store pictures that often capture very special events such as weddings, holidays that are impossible to recreate. If the DVD (or hard disk) becomes unreadable, CnW Recovery will extract the files and produce a new DVD (or two - if a spare is required).

It is fairly common for Video mini 1.4GB DVDs, camcorders, Handcam etc to lose the start of the disk, where all information concerning the rest of the disk is stored. PCs, and cameras will no longer be able to read the disk.  This may be caused by glitch with the camera, or possibly the user removing the disk before it has been completely written. Scratches, and dirty disks can also cause problems. Operator error can also cause the camera to format the disk, but CnW can unformat it.  Fortunately, it is possible to reconstruct the video from the remaining data.

CnW recovery can process quick erased DVD-RW disks - a feature that very few companies can handle.  This also includes disks that appear completely blank, often due to camera (or operator) error.

MPEG files used by most video recorders do have a very useful feature in that even when various sectors or blocks on a DVD are totally corrupted, the video stream is still readable.  It may jump, or have lots of square images on it, but the recovered pictures do continue

CnW Recovery can process all types of DVD, including the small 1.4GB disks and produce the output on a new DVD with sections indexed. At times it may not be possible to retain the original chapters but this is a small sacrifice to get your valuable video back.

The cost (in UK) is fixed at 40, and in the unlikely event that it is not possible to recover any viable video, there is no charge

If you have a suitable DVD-RW drive then you can use CnW Recovery software to recover the videos. downloads.html for a demo you can try and then purchase on a 30 day, or full licence.  This is a very simple function and the software wizard will show you snap shots of the video if recovery is possible.  For more details click here mini_dvd.html  Thew software will work for most unfinalised and corrupted disks, but not for quick erased DVD-RW disks.  For quick erased DVD-RW, these have to be sent to CnW where we have a very high success rate of recovery.


CnW Recovery Lewes    East Sussex   UK.

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