Price guide

Recovery jobs are all very different, so a fixed price list is not possible.  The following list is a guide, and remember there is our ’no fix no fee’ promise. In addition, no work will be done that exceeds the typical costs listed below, without full agreement of the customer. CnW will always charge a fair price. There is no advance payment required, and there is no evaluation fee, and so we will investigate  media and let you know if we think it will be possible to restore all or just some of the data. Terms and conditions

All sizes quoted are for physical media capacity, and not the volume of data on the device

    Damaged  or partially overwritten  CD-ROMs

    • 30.00 including new CD

    Damaged or partially overwritten  DVDs, data and Camcorder

    • 40.00 including new DVD..  Contact CnW for pricing of multiple DVDs

    Memory chips from cameras and USB sticks

    • 30.00, (up to 2GB) files copied to CD or DVD
    • 40.00 above 2GB
    • 50 above 8GB

    Memory chips that have physically failed

    • 60 - 150

    Video recovery

    • 50 to 200 depending on size and complexity

    Zip and Jaz drives, (Mac and PC)

    • Zip 30.00, files copied to CD or DVD
    • Jaz 40.00, files copied to DVD

    Hard disks

    Due to the number of files on a hard disk, and the potential variations of damage or corruption the costs are very variable. Sometimes customers  require a few named files only to be extracted, which may save money. If it is necessary to reconstruct fragmented files, you will be given an estimate of the cost first.

    • Typical upto 500GB 100 - max 4 DVD output
    • Typical upto 1TB  125
    • Typical upto 2TB 175

    When data is more than about 4x DVD in size, we like to put the data straight onto a hard drive.  This can be customer supplied or we can supply a new external 1TB drive for 75

    • Files may be selected by name, or if relevant, operating system files can be skipped.

    RAID recovery

      Price is on application, and depends on total size, volume of data, and file system used.  Typical price may be 250 for a 1TB RAID consisting or 2-3 disks

    Rev 35GB drive

    • Typically no more than 100

    Floppy Disks (DOS based)

    • 10 including replacement disk.


The standard return delivery is by first class post - there is a small surcharge for Royal Mail Special Delivery, or overseas delivery if required. Copies of data are retained for a few days for safety reasons, in case anything gets lost or damaged in the post.

Online Payments may be made online once a job has been satisfactorily done. If job is not successful, there is no fee.  If the job is partially successful, a reduced fee may be charged. Payment is due on receipt of job. Payment can be be via PayPal, UK cheque, or direct bank transfer.

CnW Recovery, Lewes,  East Sussex, UK

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