Send Job

How to send us a data recovery job

Being a small company there are no fancy or formal procedures required to send us a job.

Ideally contact us first via e-mail with a brief description of the media and the problem and then carefully pack the item and post it to us at

CnW Recovery, 14 King Henry’s Road, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1BT

We always try and notify you on arrival, and keep you informed about progress.

Details of payment will be discussed and payment will be due on delivery of recovered data - no deposits or evaluation fees are required.

If you wish to deliver by hand, there is no problem, but do e-mail or phone to confirm first.

When jobs are returned by post, we normally use First Class post.  However, as security a copy of all files are retained for a week or so in case the job gets lost in the post, or is damaged.

NB In UK if an package is more than 5mm thick, this counts as a ‘large’ package which costs more than a normal 1st class one.  If the wrong postage is used this delays delivery, and costs us about 1.08 to collect.


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