Our only service is to work with data recovery, and hence our specialist knowledge.

Where ever possible we will recover files from damaged CDs, DVDs and (spinning) hard disk drives, as well as flash memory chips, Zip and Jaz drives, then restore the data to a new CD / DVD / hard disk. If your media is at all readable, we will restore it. When this is not possible, there will be no fee chargeable, and the media will be returned to you.

CnW Recovery never try and fix a drive by changing sectors on it, we always work by extracting data first onto a completely separate scratch drive. This ensures that we never accidentally make a situation worse, and if maybe for legal investigation reasons the drive has to be examined by another party, it will be in the same state as received by CnW.


For more information , please contact us either via email at (You may also call us on 01273 471664 from 9.30 am to 5 pm UK time.)

We look forward to assisting you.


CnW Recovery, Lewes,  East Sussex,  UK

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