Technical notes

This section contains notes and links to several articles that may be of assistance when data has apparently been lost.  These links will be added to on a regular basis.

General data recovery

Lost photos - don’t panic, they can be recovered!

Failed memory chip recovery

Video disks - your holiday or wedding video can be recovered

3GP and MP4 recovery of corrupted files

GoPro video recovery

Deleted files - how we recover deleted files

MD5 hash values - brief description of hash values

File dates - description of how dates are stored

Prevention - tips on how to prevent losing your valuable data

Forensic Features - features that are helpful within a forensic investigation

Raw file recovery - a low level data recovery procedure

Encrypted Files - recovery of encrypted files

File signatures - used to verify the type of file

File selection - how we select which files to recover

Disk Image - methods of joining together sections of a disk

Boot sector - this defines the complete disk, and partition layout

Defrag programs - how they affect recovery

Hard disk drive recovery and removable disks

Hard drive data recovery - how we recover data from hard drives

FAT Disks - notes on the structure of many Windows hard disks

NTFS disks - notes on structure of NTFS disks, as used in NT, Win 2000 and XP

NTFS Compression - how NTFS compresses files

NTFS reloaded - when NTFS is reloaded on a disk

Mac Recovery - Macintosh disks

RAID recovery

Zip disk drive - the Iomega Zip drive

Jaz Drive data recovery - the Iomega Jaz drive

Unallocated and Slack - space on a disk that is not read by the file system

CD and DVD data recovery

ISO9660 disks - notes on the structure of ISO9660 and Joliet structured disks

CD Data Recovery - data recovery from corrupted CDs

Erased CD-RW - Data recovery from CD-RWs that have been erased

Erased DVD-RW - Data recovery from accidently, quick erased DVD-RW

UDF disks - Notes on structure of Universal Disk Format disks

DVD data recovery - recovery files from damaged DVDs

Flash memory

Flash memory - data recovery from memory sticks and camera memory


Useful Links - some useful links



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