Zip drive data recovery

Data recovery services for Zip Disks

The Iomega Zip drive was probably the most popular removable disk drive on the PC.  It comes in three sizes, 100MB, 250MB and 750MB and with a parallel port or USB interface. All three disks are the same physical size, and there is some compatibility between them, with higher capacity drives being able to read the older lower capacity disk. CnW can recover data from most damaged and corrupted disks, and can process all 3 sizes of disk.

The next Iomega drive was the Jaz drive which did not appear to have the same mass appeal, but did have capacities of 1GB or 2GB and often a SCSI interface. 

Most Zip disks use a FAT16 structure so CnW can recover corrupted, and damaged disk, especially disks that have files deleted, or partially reformatted. See  price guide for an idea of price, and remember there is a no fix, no fee policy. There have also been used on Mac systems.

Zip disk conversion to CD

CnW Recovery also offer a low cost conversion service copying working Zip (and Jaz) disks to DVDs or CDs/  Please contact CnW recovery for pricing





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